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SafeTech | Women in Leadership

By Aarron Reinert and Katie Arens

SafeTech | Women in Leadership: Emerging Leadership

March 25 – March 27, 2024
Life EMS
1279 Cedar Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Fee: $1,500.00 – Includes tuition & all student materials
Prerequisite: None

The SafeTech Women’s Leadership Development Series is a unique, three-level training series developed for women by women. The series is designed to focus on the three differentiated stages of the career life cycle. Each stage is delivered in one 3-day-long session and approaches leadership from a research-based, inclusive, and women-centered perspective. The delivery is thoughtful and engaging, with attendees’ professional and personal development the top priority.

The Emerging Leadership course is designed for women in the early stages of their career development who are preparing to become people leaders in their organization.

The Experienced Leadership course is designed for women with some experience leading people and departments as they begin to shift their focus from working “in the business” to working “on the business”.

The Executive Leadership course is designed for advanced-career women seeking to move into the C-Suite positions.

Women’s leadership development is an ongoing journey, on both an organizational and individual level. Beginning with the challenges and issues facing organizations today, the program advances a deep understanding of the complexity of women’s positionality within organizations, and what specific skills, talents, actions and behaviors women in leadership positions need to develop and hone. Topics of the program include: Personal Competencies; Developing Others; and Financial, Business, and Strategic Acumen.  In a dynamic, enjoyable, and participatory setting, we invite participants to become deeply immersed in issues women leaders care about, struggle with, and crave to know more about every day. Each level provides continuity in the focus areas and customizes the learning content and modules to be commensurate for the experiences and challenges encountered at each stage of career life.

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